A Year in Review with Plutos Network

Who else is excited for 2022?

On behalf of the Plutos Network team, we thank you for being a part of our journey. Congratulations! You’re still early. The team are working over time to continue to develop the Plutos Network ecosystem. Expect more product updates, partnerships and CEX listings.

Look out for:
⚡️ More CEX listings
⚡️ NovelSwap DEX mainnet launch
⚡️ Top DeFi project partners
⚡️ Integration with Avalanche
⚡️ v3.0 synthetic system, our most transformative update yet

Quarter 2 2021

Next-generation synthetic multi-chain architecture.
  • Plutos Network joins the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.
  • Plutos Network joins the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Plutos Network prioritises Solana in their multi-chain architecture.
  • Core team members established.
  • First round of the Plutos Network Airdrop releases with 100,000 PLUT.
  • Plutos Network features on Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance.
  • Plutos Network partners with Elrond for integration on liquidity and optionality.
  • Plutos Network partners with Chainlink for price feeding of synthetics.
  • Plutos Network lists on Pancakeswap through a dual IDO.
  • Plutos Network launches first staking product.

Quarter 3 2021

Plutos Network partners list so far.
  • Plutos Network staking launches on mainnet.
  • Plutos Network buy-back plan is released.
  • Prometheus partner program opens for staking-as-a-service technology.
  • Polkacipher staking is initiated.
  • Plutos Network partners with Unilend for enhanced liquidity.
  • PLUT swap bridge opens.
  • Ambassador program opens with over 400 applicants.
  • Zilliqa staking opens.
  • Peckshield auditing passes.
  • Liquidity reward program is open.

Quarter 4 2021

Plutos Network product portfolio so far.
  • The all new NovelSwap DEX launches.
  • Partners with Slope finance.
  • Adds Avalanche into the Plutos Network multichain architecture.
  • First CEX listing on MEXC.
  • Synthetic system reaches mainnet.
  • Plutos Network partners with Pandora.
  • 50 percent of team tokens burnt in show of long term confidence for the project.
  • v2.0 Platform launch. New features, additional rewards and mobile adaption.
  • Plutos Network partners with Alpaca finance.
  • Second buy back completes.

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