NovelSwap (DEX 2.0) launches on Public Mint mainnet and opens trading

Dear community,

Plutos Network is thrilled to announce the official launch of our DEX — NovelSwap on Public Mint mainnet today!

For the longest time, we’ve understood that most DEXs are fork products of Uniswap, which have been ripping off traders for transaction fees during both selling and buying. Now, with the support of Public Mint, a cutting-edge blockchain with ultra low cost and fixed gas fees, Plutos Network is excited to present all crypto users, NovelSwap. A next-generation DEX built by thePlutos team.

Public Mint is an open and complete blockchain platform for fiat money, where funds are fully collateralized and held on deposit with regulated, FDIC-insured institutions. The launch of NovelSwap on Public Mint will be the beginning of the in-depth collaboration between the two sides. In the future, Plutos Network will work with the Public Mint team to integrate the powerful, simple payment system that Public Mint offers.

There are numerous features of NovelSwap which are of revolutionary values brought to crypto trading.

  1. NovelSwap’s trading fee model is fair and transparent. Sellers are charged 0.5% on the transaction, while buyers pay zero fees — which ensures a much fairer price action for the launch of new projects by up-and-coming startups.
  2. Part of the trading fee incurred from the DEX will be used for buyback of PLUT tokens.
  3. NovelSwap will leverage Public Mint’s low-cost and fixed gas fees, currently only CAPPED at $0.06 for buying, and $0.15 for selling tokens, regardless of trading amount. The gas fee is paid in USD and fixed regardless of the trading amounts.
  4. Swaps take only four seconds on average on NovelSwap, due to Public Mint’s fast blockchain confirmation time and instant finality.
  5. Traders can easily fund their wallets with USD via Public Mint wallet’s direct connection via bank transfer, or via USDC deposits through the company’s partnership with Circle. And after selling tokens, users can withdraw fiat directly from their wallets to their bank accounts; there is no need to go through another exchange.
  6. NovelSwap is launching with a MINT-USD pair. Once Public Mint adds Euros and other fiat currencies to their blockchain, we will also consider launching EUR/MINT and other trading pairs.
  7. Once a project deposits LP into NovelSwap, that liquidity is locked. The project owner can choose the duration of the lock, and when this lock expires, this will be publicly displayed in the NovelSwap pair interface so anyone can verify.

Find the detailed intro here👇

Today, users are now able to enjoy more advantages when trading with NovelSwap! Traders now can trade under MINT-USD pair! Enjoy trading 😉

Welcome to a new era of crypto trading: the next-generation DEX built by Plutos Network on Public Mint blockchain 😎

About Plutos Network
Plutos Network is a multi-chain synthetic issuance & derivative trading platform which introduces mining incentives and staking rewards to users. By integrating blockchains such as Solana, Polkadot, and BSC, enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading, Plutos Network is to offer users synthetic issuance and trading services for a wide range of synthetic products which are sustainable, profitable, and disruptive to the traditional derivative market.

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About Public Mint
Public Mint is an open and complete blockchain platform for fiat money, where funds are fully collateralized and held on deposit with regulated, FDIC-insured institutions. Public Mint offers an open, fiat-native blockchain and APIs, ready for anyone to build fiat-based applications and accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, stablecoins and more. On top of that, the Public Mint EARN platform offers users automated and diversified returns on USD assets, leveraging the power of blockchain and DeFi.

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