Plutos Network November 2021 Update

Plutos Network in November

The team are working over time to continue to develop Plutos Network. Expect more product updates, partnerships and CEX listings.

Look out for:
⚡️ More CEX listings
⚡️ NovelSwap DEX mainnet launch
⚡️ Top DeFi project partners
⚡️ Migration to @Solana
⚡️ Integration with @avalancheavax

Monthly Highlights

  • 50% of team designated tokens burnt in show of confidence for the long term project.
  • Synthetic System V2.0 is live now with UI, mobile and rewards updates. V3.0 to be the biggest update yet.
  • Plutos Network vault is live with huge rewards ready.
  • Plutos Network join Alpaca Finance to offer staking rewards and NFTs.

Technical Development Updates

Plutos Network Team burn 50% of Team Tokens

To show our full confidence in Plutos Network, the team has burnt 50% of designated team tokens.

To show our full confidence over the long-term development of Plutos Network, the team has burnt 50% of team tokens. The team will continue to work furiously to ensure the continuous appreciation of PLUT value. Rome isn’t built in one day. But we are determined to keep building, and make no mistake, we will get there.

Check here:

Plutos Network Synthetic System V2.0 is officially launches

V2.0 on Mainnet live now.

Product development updates on the Plutos Network Synthetic System launches.

✅ New features
✅ More rewards
✅ Mobile adaption
✅ UI Improvement

The mobile version of Plutos Network Synthetic System is now enabled. All users can now use our product on mobile devices.

Check it outout here:

Look out for v3.0 coming soon with our biggest updates yet.

Plutos Network Vault

Earn up to $1000 worth of $PLUT weekly in our incentive plan. The first 200 users with the largest borrowing amounts will be rewarded on a weekly basis.

Enter Vault here:

Details here :

Cupcake staking pool holders rewarded with extra 50% staking rewards.

As promised, the team are sending out the extra rewards for users who extended their Staking in the Cupcake pool.

Ecology Development

Introducing the Plutos Network and Alpaca Finance Grazing Range Pool for NFT and Staking! PlutosNetwork join the Alpaca Herd!

Plutos Network and Alpaca Finance join forces to offer staking rewards and NFTs.

You will be able to stake ibALPACA for $94k USD in PLUT rewards, which will be distributed over 4 weeks in the Grazing Range.

The pool will go live on Nov 30th, 2021 at 10:00 AM GMT. As usual for a Grazing Range pool, you will also have a chance to earn exclusive NFTs if you meet the staking criteria.

More here:

Marketing and PR

Plutos Network Community AMA

Plutos Network CEO Juan Capilla joins the community.

To maintain sound communications with our community, CEO of Plutos Network, Juan Capilla ran an AMA session with the Plutos community.

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