V3 Synthetic Platform launches on Ethereum Mainnet.

After months of design, development, testing, improvements and polishing, TODAY we are thrilled to launch our V3 Synthetic Platform on Ethereum Mainnet!🚀

Users can now visit https://app.plutos.network/#/index and test drive! 🎉

Keynote features of V3

  • We become the first DeFi synthetic platform which introduces a voucher token CHIP used in the tradings. CHIP will be a voucher token which facilitates user tradings as a benchmark of values during transactions.
  • We developed our User Dashboard for users to get real-time info on their tradings and positions.
  • Rankings will be displayed. Now, user rewards will be offered for users with highest trading volume, highest ROI, etc, as the incentives to attract more users to our platform.

Tutorials and Guidelines

Future Plans and Continuous Improvements

  • The team will collect feedback from test users for continuous further improvements in regards to user experience, functionalities, species of trading assets etc.
  • Under V3, there are NOW only assets like BTC and ETH are supported. More assets will be supported, including stocks, swaps etc. Plutos AMM mechanism and integration with leading DEXs will eventually offer “infinite liquidity” for the best trading experience.
  • The team will then move on to integrations with other chains after we run the mainnet V3 system for some time. Team will be focusing on building Plutos Network into a true Multi-chain DeFi Synthetic Hub to integrate chains such as Solana, Terra, Matic, Avax etc. for further development of Plutos Network ecosystem.
  • The team will focus efforts after V3’s mainnet launch on marketing and branding to drive for user acquisition and growth.

Trading competition to he held

Team will hold a trading competition for users to use the platform and welcome all suggestions and ideas which can help us with continuous improvements. Stay tuned😎

Notice on several smart contract addresses

Besides the PLUT token smart contract address on BEP20 (https://pancakeswap.finance/swap#/swap?outputCurrency=0x2984f825bfe72e55e1725d5c020258e81ff97450), there are three more smart contract addresses in V3 synthetic system (Ethereum Mainnet):

  • “chip”:”0x70fC92a95cCC772769cBf3650bEA031B00E8BF10"
  • pusd_token : “0x3dfe621515206b583D5985Bb6F891E5F43868e73”
  • plut_token : “0xe7e4A857Ff7F1360C654147d29C38719bcA91A87”

CHIP as the voucher token is for substituting assets traded in V3 platform.

pUSD is for value pegging, under 1:1 exchange ratio to USD.

And, last but not least, we thank every community member who continues to be supportive, patient and understanding as we have been working hard to build Plutos Network.

In case of any help or inquiry, please feel free to contact us via Telegram and Twitter, or send us emails to official@plutos.network. Team will be very happy to help out!

With love 💖

Team Plutos

About Plutos Network
Plutos Network is a multi-chain synthetic issuance & derivative trading platform which introduces mining incentives and staking rewards to users. By integrating blockchains such as Avalanche, Solana, Polkadot, and BSC, enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading, Plutos Network is to offer users synthetic issuance and trading services for a wide range of synthetic products which are sustainable, profitable, and disruptive to the traditional derivative market.

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